Jesred - a redirector for squid

Jesred is a very fast and highly configurable redirector for the Squid Internet Object Cache. It was derived from Chris Foote's and Wayne Piekarski's Squirm 1.0 betaB and some code from Squid itself, but is about 2-3x faster than the original version and has some additional features.

If you have NO regex functions in the standard libraries of your OS, jesred requires the GNU Regex Library which is avalable via:

Jesred is freely available under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. To install it:

  1. Have a look at the ChangeLog file. If you like the latest changes, continue with the next step ;-)
  2. download the latest version via: jesred-1.2pl1.tar.gz
  3. extract the sources (gunzip -c jesred-1.2pl1.tar.gz | tar xvf -)
  4. cd jesred-1.2pl1 and follow the instructions from the INSTALL file.


    Jesred has the following features:

    Performance Tests on a SUN UltraSPARC 1, 167 MHz and Solaris 2.6 with a file extracted from our parent cache's access.log file showed, that jesred parses 100.000 lines in about 2.13 sec with GET only and 2.67 sec with GET and ICP_QUERY request rewriting. Well, these are about 169/135 million lines per hour. (We used the configuration files included in the jesred distribution for these tests).
    Of course, these results always depend on the used configuration files and the requests to your cache! That's why it is the best, to create your own test file from your cache's access.log file and test the performance of the program by yourself. One way to do this is for example:

    1. create a redirect file:
      head -100000 access.log | awk -p '{ print $7 " " $3"/-" " " $8 " " $6}' >/tmp/testurls
    2. do the test:
      time jesred < /tmp/testurls >/dev/null