Jesred - ChangeLog

Changes to jesred 1.2 (Aug 15, 1998) from jesred 1.1:
	- IF a URL is rewritten, now the number of the appropriate rule
	  is append to the rewrite.log file. So it is easier
	  to analyze the log file and to check out the frequency
	  of pattern matches for each rewrite rule
	  (to keep the log file small, there is as usual no log entry
	   for any matched ABORT or NO_REDIRECT rule)
	- added rule number comments to redirect.rules example

Changes to jesred 1.1 (Jul 25, 1998) from jesred 1.0:

	- Added shortcut for URLs, which should not be rewritten
	  (just omit RURL and ACCEL in the redirect rule)
	  such rules are referred as NO_REDIRECT rules
	- fixed memory leak (on SIGHUP jesred 1.0 did not free allocated
	  memory for compiled regex patterns)
	- fixed ACCEL bug for NORMAL Accelerators (i.e. ACCEL without
	  a ^ and $) to compare the ACCEL with the [lower cased] URL instead of
	  the [lower cased] URL with itself ;-)
	- support of ACCEL is now optional (i.e. one has to compile with
	  option -DUSE_ACCEL, to use it - otherwise ACCEL strings are ignored)
	- enabled GetOptions function for printing version information and
          help via optional switches -v/-h
	- Added some comments in the etc/redirect.rules example

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