RC5 Proxy Stats 
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property description Default value
logconf.file file containing the logging configuration.  
language the language to use. en
log.dirs A comma separated list of directories, which should be scanned for log files  
log.file.prefix the prefix of each logfile (E.g. pproxyrc5: in this case, files not starting with pproxyrc5 are not analyzed) pproxyrc5
log.file.extension the extension of each logfile (E.g. log: in this case, files not ending with that .log or .log.gz or .log.zip are not analyzed). log
log.files A comma separated list of log files to be analyzed. log.File.Prefix and log.File.Extension are still applied, if specified. Note: first occurance of the term _today_ or _yesterday_ in a filename is always replaced by the current date or date of the day before (e.g. on 1-January-2001 filename rc5_today_.log to rc520010101.log and rc5_yesterday_.log to rc520001231.log).  
remove.days A comma separated list of days to remove from all stats before any new stats are collected from log files and analyzes are done. The format to specify such days is mm/dd/yyyy e.g. 07/12/1999 is 12-July-1999. To make your life a little bit easier, today and yesterday are allowed as well, which are determined wrt. the current time normalized to GMT.  
cache.dir directory, where collected data will be cached. If available, all data are cached to files and reread in the next invokation of the application.  
text.dump.dir dump all accounting information as text to the standard output. no
html.dir where to stores generate html files.  
html.index.file the name of the rc5 stats index html page. index.html
html.index.include the name of a file, whichs content will be included into the rc5 stats index html page.NOTE: it is included in a table cell, so you should make sure, that the content even includes all optional closing html tags. Also it might be best, to use an absolute pathname.  
html.style.file the name of the stylesheet file to use for every generated page. It must be relative to html.dir. styles/dnet.css
html.rc5banner if set to no no RC5 banner is show in the html page footers. yes
html.refresh time in seconds, after which a browser should automatically reload the current page. 43200
chart.width the width of a chart in pixels. 512
chart.height the height of a chart in pixels. 384
team create summary for the team. yes
team.charts create charts for the team datail stats. yes
team.name the name of the team. none
team.id the RC5 ID of the team, used to link to the official RC5 team stats page. 0
team.url an absoulte URL, which defines the home directory of the team, e.g. http://www.myteam.de/rc5/.  
team.icon a icon image for the team summary. It must be a relative path to html.dir/icons/. Also it is resized to a width of 10 and a height of 14 pixels. So its better to have an image of this size to avoid bad rendering through the web browser. 0
email create summary by email address. yes
email.charts create charts for each detail stats by e-mail address. no
os create summary by operating system. yes
os.charts create charts for each detail stats by operating system. no
cpu create summary by CPU. yes
cpu.charts create charts for each detail stats by CPU. no
version create summary by client version. yes
version.charts create charts for each detail stats by client version. no
os_cpu_ver create summary by operating system and CPU and client version. yes
os_cpu_ver.charts create charts for each detail stats by operating system and CPU and client version. no
ip_raw create summary by raw IP address (no resolving, no filtering). no
ip_raw.charts create charts for each detail stats by raw IP address. no
ip create summary by IP address. yes
ip.charts create charts for each detail stats by IP address. no
ip.revalidate clean up the longterm DNS cache. no
ip.filter.file a file, which contains CIDR and/or regular expression filter rules to group client IP addresses together.  

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