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  1. Download and install the Java Virtual Machine software, if not already done (JRE is sufficient).

  2. Download the rc5pstats software archive
  3. Unzip rc5pstats.zip to a directory of your choice. (e.g. /opt or D:\Programme)
    Note: the archive is always prefixed with the path rc5pstats
  4. Copy or Move the htdocs directory in the expanded rc5pstats directory anywhere below the document root directory of your webserver. (e.g. mv /opt/rc5pstats/htdocs /opt/www/htdocs/rc5/stats).
  5. Use any text editor of your choice, to create the configuration file to be used by rc5pstats.
    Note: Actually rc5pstats does not require any configuration file, since you can supply all parameters on the command line or just use its defaults, hower defaults may not be appropriate for your environment. Options you should probably overwrite are:
    • html.dir e.g. with /opt/www/htdocs/rc5/stats
    • log.files e.g. /var/log/rc5/pproxy020202.log, /var/log/rc5/pproxy020302.log
    • team.id e.g. 1234567
  6. Copy the config file to a location of your choice (e.g. /etc/opt/rc5pstats.cf). If rc5pstats is started without the option -Dconfig.file, it tries to find it in the config directory of your home directory as rc5pstats.cf (e.g. /home/user_foo/config/rc5pstats.cf or C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\nutzer_foo\config\rc5pstats.cf)

  7. To create a new stylesheet from a ppstats-rc5.ini file, one can use /opt/rc5pstats/bin/rc5pstats ppstats-rc5.ini >mystyle.css After that, you should copy the file to the styles directory in html.dir and set the html.style option to styles/mystyle.css

  8. Start rc5pstats. There are several possibilities of doing this, e.g.:
    • Unix:
    • Unix:
      /opt/rc5pstats/bin/rc5pstats -Dconfig.file=/etc/opt/rc5pstats.cf
    • Unix:
      java -cp /opt/rc5pstats/lib/jcommon.jar:/opt/rc5pstats/lib/jfreechart.jar:/opt/rc5pstats/lib/log4j.jar:/opt/rc5pstats/lib/rc5pstats.jar -Dconfig.file=/etc/myrc5.cf org.linofee.rc5.pstats.Start
    • Windows:
    • Windows:
      cd D:\Programme\rc5pstats\bin;
      java -cp ..\lib\jcommon.jar;..\lib\jfreechart.jar;..\lib\log4j.jar;..\lib\rc5pstats.jar -Dconfig.file=D:\temp\rc5.cf org.linofee.rc5.pstats.Start

  9. Finally check the results by opening the index.html in the html.dir directory (e.g. /opt/www/htdocs/rc5/stats) or your web server (e.g. http://localhost/rc5/stats/index.html).

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