RC5 Proxy Stats 
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  • written in Java :)
  • stable read of logfiles (i.e. gives warnings about scrambled log entries incl. filename and line number, ignores those entries and continues reading consecutive entries!)
  • logfile name filter (to be able to exclude reading non perproxy logfiles in a directory)
  • CIDR and regex based IP address filter to collect data for several groups of clients
  • able to cache information of already seen logfiles in a compact form (serialized object), to avoid reading them again and again
  • able to produce statistics from cached information, only (i.e. without reading other logfiles)
  • hence able to distribute the work of creating statistics for one or more categories by transferring the cache files to other hosts, even if they use not the same operating system
  • able to use the stylesheet of your choice and thus customizing the look (theme) of the statistics pages
  • able to generate stylesheets from the Personal Proxy Statistics software’s ppstats-rc5.ini file (see its section Color Configuration)
  • uses only relative URLs, so moving the stats directory around or mirroring it to somewhere else for offline usage is no problem because this doesn’t break any links
  • able to produce PNG charts
  • does not require any external software (e.g. gnuplot)
  • able to ommit analyzing and producing of statistics and charts of any type
  • pretty fast
  • supports logging to console, file, syslog, etc. by using the Apache Log4j library
  • easy to extend since object oriented design, easy to read (very well documented language and sources) ;-), and open source (apache style license)
  • re-usable in other (even commercial) applications

Supported Logfile Formats

  • old-style: MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS,client_IP,email,block,size,os,cpu,version
  • new-style: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,client_IP,email,block,size,os,cpu,version

The client-style (Mmm DD HH:MM:SS,client_IP,email,block,size,os,cpu,version) is not supported, since there is no year information.

If you see other log style formats, please let me know.

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